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Lightbender Mobile Interface

Assembly Line Technologies provided New D Media with a state of the art, multi touch mobile web interface for controlling an array of LEDs in a public lighting art instillation.

Couples Website Redesign (2013)

In 2013, the Assembly Line Technologies team oversaw and actualized a ground up, fully responsive redesign of the Couples Resorts website. Assembly Line Technologies team members were responsible for creating live HTML mock-ups from scratch; translating 2D mock-ups into HTML; conceiving and building navigation and other interactive components, and much more.

Couples Resorts 2013 Redesign made it the first of the competition to offer a fully responsive website.

Set Times Festival Schedule Webapp

Initially the result of frustrating experiences with many event and festival's mobile offerings, Assembly Line Technologies set out to create a convenient way for attendees to get information regarding schedules and set times.

Couples Map & Panorama Interface

Couples Resorts has an extensive library of 360° photo assets of their various properties, but lacked an efficient and aesthetically... View Article

Couples resorts Map and 360 interface.

DJ Tech Tools mobile vBulletin skin.

DJ TechTools Mobile Forum

In the spring of 2015, DJTT requested a mobile friendly version of their forums. Assembly Line Technologies worked with the existing forum infrastructure, creating a minimally invasive set of styling and scripting files that radically transformed vBulletin's default mobile theme into a much more user-friendly experience that matched the brand identity of DJ TechTools.

Couples E-Blast Campaign

Assembly Line Technologies sustained a 10% - 15% clickthrough rate while managing Couples' eBlast and drip marketing campaigns from 2005 to 2015.

Couples resorts message board.

Couples Resorts Message Board

The Assembly Line Technologies team in envisioned, implemented, customized and maintained the Couples Resorts message board from 2003 to 2015; catapulting the brand into social media a decade before the term even existed.

Couples Website Redesign (2011)

In 2011, the Couples marketing collateral and website underwent a radical redesign. The Assembly Line Technologies team oversaw implementation of the new website design by coordinating with several other teams to bring the project to fruition.

Couples Resorts Travel Agent Incentive platform.

Travel Agent Incentive System

Assembly Line Technologies was uniquely responsible for a complete rewrite of Couples Resorts’ Travel Agent Incentive system in 2015. The finished product presented travel agents with a vastly improved user experience whilst adding flexibility and simplifying the workflow for staff members behind the scenes.

Lightbender Network & Server

Behind the scenes of the Lightbender installation, Assembly Line Technologies designed and implemented a server and network infrastructure that managed and implemented the requests...

Light Bender Installation Hardware

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