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Every successful online presence starts with strategy. At Assembly Line Technologies, we know a flashy website will only get you so far when you lack clear goals behind the creativity. Our developers prevent this black hole of revenue by putting data analysis to work. We will quantify and measure the ROI of your campaigns, to determine when your content is working for you and when it’s not.

One Step at a Time

As a business owner, you may have a basic understanding of your online marketing goals and needs, such as e-commerce conversions or user sign-ups. When you work with our team, we’ll help you take these goals a step further and map out a concrete set of criteria to reach them. We understand how critical it is to define and fulfill your objectives in order to retain potential customers. Our team of professionals can help you segment your goals into achievable targets by adopting a unified online marketing strategy.

Successful Strategies

Even the most well built and thought out website will contain areas where visitors don’t complete the step you intend them to take. This can result in fewer potential customers and missed opportunities for a sale. Leave it to our team to create event-based tracking and analysis solutions that let you know where these revenue-compromising bottlenecks are occurring so that our developers can implement fast and precise remedies for your conversion obstacles.

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    No matter how advanced your vessel, plotting a course is impossible when you’re flying blind. Likewise, a fancy marketing website is unlikely to meet your goals without a solid performance analysis strategy to evaluate your creative efforts. Defining and fulfilling interim objectives within this master plan is critical in retaining potential customers; especially when your product is beyond that of an impulse buy and requires a higher effective frequency. We will help you segment your goals into bite sized targets through the adoption of a unified marketing technology strategy.