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Couples resorts Map and 360 interface.

Couples Map & Panorama Interface

Couples Resorts has an extensive library of 360° photo assets of their various properties, but lacked an efficient and aesthetically pleasing means of displaying them to their customers. Their existing solution simply linked out to the third party provider’s hosted versions of the panoramas; pulling the users away from the website and more importantly the booking gateway.

Interactive Media in Action

Assembly Line Technologies remedied this with an interactive media implementation that utilized an areal map of the properties overlaid with location markers signifying the whereabouts of the various images. Mousing over the markers will reveal the name of the location, and clicking on the marker will cause the panoramic image to slide into the frame atop of the map; intuitive navigation was provided to hide the panoramas as to allow the user to return to the overview. Upon discovering that the third party assets were of burdensome file-size, user experience was further optimized by the addition of ‘lazy loading’ functionality whereby the images were only called as requested.

Services Utilized