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Couples Resorts 2013 Redesign made it the first of the competition to offer a fully responsive website.

Couples Website Redesign (2013)

In 2013, the Assembly Line Technologies team oversaw and actualized a ground up redesign of the Couples Resorts website. Assembly Line Technologies team members were responsible for creating live HTML mock-ups from scratch; translating 2D mock-ups into HTML; conceiving and building navigation and other interactive components, and much more. Additionally, the new site communicated with a third party API to aggregate and display accurate room rates on based on a users selected date range.

Perhaps the most noticeable improvement of the redesign was the implementation of a fully responsive web presence, supported by a custom built six breakpoint grid and IE8 + support. Upon launch of the new design was the first among on island competition, if not the Caribbean as a whole, to provide a fully responsive browsing experience. This included over 1500 lines of hand coded client side scripting at a time when pre-built mobile frameworks were in their infancy and too inflexible to meet the client’s needs. Our custom programming optimized user experience for mouse enabled versus touch enabled devices while also accounting for screen size and SEO best practices.

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