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DJ Tech Tools mobile vBulletin skin.

DJ TechTools Mobile Forum

In the spring of 2015, DJTT requested a responsive (mobile device friendly) version of their forums. DJTT forum threads frequently ranks on the first page of Google search results for questions related to DJing; these SEO rankings provide a positive feedback loop which encourage new users to sign up, join the discussion, and grow the influence of the website. As of August 21 2015, Google has enacted a policy of degrading Search Engine rankings for pages that were not deemed mobile friendly. This de-ranking stood to upset the DJTT foothold on the Search Engine Result Pages. Assembly Line Technologies’ vast knowledge and experience in responsive web design were critical in maintaining the organic search momentum DJTT had acquired.

Responsive Retrofitting

Due to the time sensitive nature of the procject, DJTT was required a fast and affordable way of obtaining a mobile friendly version of their forums. Assembly Line Technologies worked with the existing forum infrastructure, creating a minimally invasive set of styling and scripting files that radically transformed vBulletin’s default mobile theme into a much more user-friendly experience that matched the brand identity of DJ TechTools.

Services Utilized