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Fully Responsive Web Design

Responsive Means Mobile Ready

Maintaining a mobile friendly website is paramount when you're attempting to reach the growing spectrum of online patrons. Our expertise in Fully Responsive Web Design ensures your site will display professionally and fluidly on any device, all the way from an iPhone to a desktop monitor. To accomplish this, our developers rearrange the display of elements and navigation according to a visitors particular screen size. Through this detail-oriented approach, we ensure your website looks and performs well for your customers no matter what they use to view it.

Responsive Retrofitting

Full redesign not in your budget? Stuck with aging software? We offer responsive retrofitting for businesses who do not have time or resources for a full website overhaul. Our developers work behind-the-scenes to build upon your websites code so that it will properly display on different screen sizes. With over a decade of experience in front-end programming, our responsive retrofits are so efficient that we rarely have to alter your website's existing HTML markup—which means minimum risk to your existing infrastructure.

We Design for Your Needs

Web designers often make the mistake of using templates that only scale your website down to a smaller proportion. While this passive method of allowing third party code to dictate your apperance is an okay starting point, it often yields sloppy results in places you wouldn’t expect. At Assembly Line Technologies, we take a more calculated and hands-on approach. During each step of the process, you can trust our team to test and actively develop each template at each screen size to ensure a flawless user experience.

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    An experienced team won’t leave the display of your website, and your brand’s image up to chance. Once the design and layout for the base width has been completed, the developer will flag certain screen sizes as steps or ‘break points’ that the website will scale down to as needed. This scaling is done such that the largest possible break point that will fit on screen is utilized.

    Our Active Responsive development process puts the ‘Full’ in ‘Fully Responsive’. While it requires another layer of effort and forethought, the practice ensures a professional presentation of your brand across the ever-growing sea of web browsing devices. You can learn more about what sets our fully responsive web design processes and skill sets ahead of the pack in our blog post Responsive Web Design: Active vs. Passive.