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Lightbender Mobile Interface

New D Media Arts was looking for a means to provide local pedestrians control over an array of LED lights in an art installation they had been commissioned for. Assembly Line Technologies fulfilled this desire with a combined hardware-software solution, centered around a multi-touch, cross platform, mobile friendly web interface. Since nothing on the market came close to filling the needs of the client, our team hand coded the entirety of the client side interface using JavaScript and HTML, while leveraging web-socket technology as a communication protocol to the server which in turn controlled the display of the lighting arrangement. Real time feedback loops between the clients and the server provided each user an accurate representation of the LED pixel array on whatever device they were using to interact with the installation.

The client-side scripting of the product was built such that various behaviors for interacting with the installation could quickly be programmed and appended to the interface as a selectable option by the user at startup. In the event that several pedestrians wished to control the installation at once; a server-side queuing system would be enabled, and provide each of the clients with their place in line as well as the estimated time remaining until it was their turn to run the show.

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