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Multitouch Web Interfaces

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Web exploration is no longer limited to a simple mouse and keyboard. From stylus pens to virtual reality headsets, the number of available peripheral options that can be used to interact with the web continues to grow. New products come and go in this field, but the touch screen interface has taken root as an instant standby. As a result of their popularity, supporting touch related quirks and features has become a requirement that modern web development. However, with this complication comes added flexibility. The web has evolved into an environment where each user is able to manage up to ten cursors with their fingers, and Assembly Line Technologies has the experience to make this a reality with favorable results.

Not Just Touch, Multitouch.

Developers typically create their websites strictly for mouse and keyboard users. Touch-friendly navigation often gets tacked on as an afterthought once development is complete. This design process typically only supports tracking of one touch-point, or one finger for the entirety of the page. It is often more than sufficient for a standard, informational website but not conducive to a rich, memorable user experience. Sometimes, your project requires a more fun and engaging means of capturing the attention of your end user. Assembly Line Technologies will utilize the full capabilities of touch screen devices by bringing the multi-touch capabilities of standalone mobile applications into a web browser.

Swipe, Pinch, Drag or Click

The gestures we have all become accustomed to using in the apps on our touch screen devices rarely see the light of day once we are interacting with content within a web browser. The added convenience afforded by implementing support for such features is often overshadowed by the need to provide a usable experience for users confined to using a mouse and keyboard. When your product intends to pull out all of the stops in regards to available device features, our team will provide the correct balance of graceful degradation and progressive enhancement to ensure fluid usability with rock solid reliability.

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