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Couples Resorts Travel Agent Incentive platform.

Travel Agent Incentive System

Assembly Line Technologies was uniquely responsible for a complete rewrite of Couples Resorts’ Travel Agent Incentive system into an Object Request Model MVC framework in 2015. Our team members abstracted, re-designed and built out a new database schema that unified a chaotic datastore of various user groups and other near fatal redundancies.

Additionally, we built the schema such that it abstracted the rewards system from static, server side code into a dynamic data store that would support the current reward types, as well as the addition of new rewards in the future. Atop the flexible reward types, a dynamic incentives system was built, with dynamic constraints that would grant an appropriate amount of the aforementioned awards based on various factors surrounding a reservation, such as which hotel the booking was made for, the length of stay.

On the other end of the spectrum, Assembly Line Technologies built the the means to allow for and track the spending of rewards that Agents had earned. We conceived and coded all necessary MVC logic to support the spending and claims process of the rewards in a manner that Agents could request a redemption, and then staff could manage the remainder of the process as their business rules dictated. The final result was a web application that vastly exceeded its predecessor in terms of flexibility, security, and user experience for the Travel Agents.

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