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Traxus Interactive


Traxus Interavtive specializes in touchscreen interfaces for controlling audio and video related performance software and hardware. In May of 2014, to the acclaim of many top blogs and reviewers within the industry, Traxus Interactive announced Traxus Control: Traktor; an interface for controlling Native Insturment’s Traktor software. After a successful crowdfunding campagin to recover costs, Traxus Interactive required a simple means to track and distribute its interface online. Assembly Line Technologies leveraged its experience in responsive web design and web application development to attain these goals.

Download Gateway

To manage the distribution and tracking of Traxus Interactive’s free software, we created a download portal that only supplies the files once the user has submitted an email address. Upon submission, other non personal data such as country of origin is also captured as to keep the end users better informed about version updates.

Multi-Lingual UX

Traxus Interactive caters to a niche audience with wide spread roots; and has had its software downloaded from users spread over 90 countries across 6 continents. To provide a seamless user experience, we have translated parts of their site into 7 other languages and have deployed a system to detect and display the most relevant language to the end user.

Responsive Web Presence

Traxus Interactive required a simple and modern web presence to springboard its product. We outfitted them with a hand built, actively responsive layout with 6 breakpoints to encompass all devices. We then draped the layout in an elegant, modern design that mimicked their product.

Multi-Lingual Email Marketing Campagin

The diverse audience of Traxus Interactive is kept up to date through a Multi Lingual Email Marketing Campagin that sends translated, fully responsive emails to past patrons.

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