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Web Enabled IoT Integration


The internet of things is seeing explosive growth in all directions. Whether it’s lighting arrays, digital assistants, or thermostats, the ability to influence the physical world through the web has become an exhilarating reality that presents new and exciting marketing opportunities. Assembly Line Technologies is excited to be a pioneer in this emerging field, and we are prepared to help you find the right solution for your hardware installation.

The 'Web' in Web Enabled

Think about the time it takes to find, download and authorize a stand-alone application. You may consider that time a necessary hurdle in order for your user to engage in an otherwise enjoyable hardware experience, but depending on your needs, a stand-alone mobile app may not be the best option. The programming portals that allow devices like your smartphone to wirelessly control peripherals like the color of your mood lighting can usually be applied in a purpose built web page. This gives you the same results as a dedicated app, but at a fraction of the price.

Safe & Secure

Security is always a concern when working with the web, especially as technology evolves. The added threat of a potential wrong doer gaining access to something beyond a computer can be further unsettling. That’s why our team considers and examines the possible threats on a per project basis. We factor in the scope of application and the types of risks associated to ensure your system isn't accessible to strangers unless it is on your terms.

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