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Interactive Media

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Regardless of your industry, you want your target audience to visit your website and find the information they need in an efficient and engaging way. Interactive Media is a great vehicle to funnel users towards conversion goals while entertaining and informing them. Through the implementation of useful and exciting features, we help your customers understand your brand and it's products.

Tell Your Story

A successful Interactive Media Solution helps users navigate your site while encouraging them to delve deeper. Our developers build fun, attractive content to do just that. We create browser experiences that tell your brand story and help drive return visits. The Assembly Line team will lean on over a decade of knowledge to develop and deploy the interactive features that your business deserves.

Simple. Unique. Effective.

Whether you need page navigation or a micro-site built to control real world hardware, your interface needs to work in a simple manner. Our team can develop features that make it easy for users to explore, without thinking about the mechanics of your site; count on us to hone your website into an accessible tool that puts your customer’s needs first.

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    Interactive media consists of the key features and interfaces that funnel users towards your websites goals, with particular attention to exactly how and where they spend their time. Consider, time spent trudging through clunky navigation can be money lost; on the other hand, time spent enjoying a unique an engaging feature that better sells your product can be money earned.

    Proper implementation of Interactive Media walks the fine line between quickly providing your users the content they desire while encouraging them to pursue a deeper, more time consuming engagement with the content. Applications of interactive media seek to apply your customers precious time in all the right ways to keep their hearts minds engaged with your business.

    The Assembly Line team will leverage over a decade of experience in user interface application and development to create and test your front end such that it reliably provides the end user with their desired result in the fewest amount of clicks, taps or swipes necessary.