Request a Quote Movement 2016 Schedule Web Application

Assembly Line Technologies is excited to announce the launch of our mobile friendly web application for Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival: Movement 2016. Following up on the interest and success of our Movement 2015 implementation, we have released a new version for the coming festival, starting on May 28 2016!

No downloads are required, you can access the interface at through the duration of the festival, and at after June 1 2016.

As frequent fans and attendees of such events, we found found ourselves frustrated by the lack of an ergonomic, mobile friendly solution to navigate the event’s schedule while in attendance at the festival. Event oriented mobile applications typically list the artists alphabetically, or based on popularity, and allow the user to attempt to predetermine their schedule, but rarely provide an efficient means to see what is happening and what is coming up amidst the fun induced chaos of the moment.

Our remedy was a simple, single page web app. Days of the event are accessible by the tabs at the top and bottom of the interface. Once a day has been selected, swiping left or right will cycle through the stages of the event, with time ordered list of who is playing at each location while an opaque white line highlights the current time slot for quick comprehension. Additionally, favorites can be flagged and highlighted by double tapping on the name of an artist; double tapping on a favorite will un-flag them. Alternatively, accessing the interface on a personal computer will display all the stages and times for a selected day in an airport-screen style layout.

Check out the Movement 2016 edition of here!

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