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Welcome Mat Detroit


The Welcome Mat is a Detroit-based non-profit that helps connect immigrants living in Michigan with local services to accelerate their integration and multiply their opportunities. Welcome Mat Detroit hosts and maintains a database of such services on their website Welcome Mat Detroit desired to amend its existing web presence with responsive web technologies such that its services are accessible across all web enabled devices, especially catering to the recent migrants whose only internet access may be in the form of a smartphone.

Responsive Retrofitting

Welcome Mat Detroit had recently undergone a ground up rebuild and redesign, resulting in a Joomla based website. Welcome Mat was pleased with the aesthetic and operation of their CMS based website, but had become concerned with their omission of mobile support. Assembly Line Technologies worked with the existing HTML markup, creating a minimally invasive set of styling and scripting files that adapted the Welcome Mat Detroit website with a fully responsive web presence. Our end product managed to supplement with five additional responsive breakpoints without altering a single line of the original template’s layout markup such that their in-house team could continue with business as usual.

Services Utilized