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Email has become omnipresent in both the home and the office. For this reason, it’s also a crucial tool for staying in-touch with customers. We can provide you with an easy way to keep them updated on the latest and greatest news and offers from your business. By building well-organized and targeted email campaigns, we help you create a devoted customer base that can fuel the growth of your brand.

Inexpensive, Fully Featured.

Many self-service email campaign systems make you choose between advanced features and reasonable pricing. They may be reasonably priced when your messages are infrequent or your lists are small, but as your business grows the additional cost can force you to stop communicating as often as desired. We have put together a solution that includes advanced features such as drip marketing, dynamic templates, and granular targeting for a sustainable price.

Beautiful Emails, Period.

Customers are increasingly reading email on their smartphones and tablets. Assembly Line Technologies utilizes stringent testing and modern best practices to ensure that your brand image is received perfectly no matter what device your customers happen to be using. Our fully responsive templates provide a complete experience without having to click through to a webpage, or download large images that contain important text.

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